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Corporate entrepreneurship startups


Corporate entrepreneurship startups are new ventures created within existing corporations. They are designed to encourage innovation, drive growth and foster a culture of entrepreneurship within the larger organization.

The difference between corporate entrepreneurial startups and ordinary startups is that the company already has developed and established business processes, an accounting system customized to the needs of the company, a lot of internal communications and interactions, and many other inputs that need to be taken into account.

With a systematic approach, both the company and the startup get the maximum benefit from working together. Win-win
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Analytical competencies are key to project success

When working with these startups, we carefully identify and describe the company's current business processes, and design and adapt the startup's business processes to them, so that both the company and the startup get the greatest possible convenience and benefit from the interaction.

With the project approach, the developed solution and future implementation is carefully planned on three levels: "Technical, Technological and Organizational:

  1. Technical. At this level, the requirements for the server, security system, performance monitoring, fault tolerance, clustering, micro service approach, etc.) Level consists of preparing the server environment and system integration into the existing it-infrastructure of the company.
  2. Technological. The essence of this level is to solve the business tasks of the company. At this level you should identify and describe all the necessary functionality for development and implementation, including the admin part. Our analyst will conduct a series of interviews with key experts of your company (top management, heads, departments and divisions). Thus he allocates critical, from the point of view of overall result, business processes in the organization. Based on these surveys, a list of functional requirements is formalized, which defines the basic requirements for the developed system. After that, simulation of key processes during which the scenarios of work with the information system are examined and the detailed requirements for adjustment and improvement are generated.
  3. Organizational. At this level, training activities are planned for employees (workshops, tests, seminars, supervision, etc.). Positive effect from the introduction of the information system is possible only if the employees will use it. To solve this problem there is a number of methods, including the writing of regulations for working with the system. In order to support the vertical implementation, company's top and middle managers are trained, and reports and QPIs for the system are planned. Separate training is provided for the technical support and the Customer's project group.

So the business analyst forms the processes. The system analyst studies them and the Customer's current infrastructure, forms a proposal for the system development, which can fit in the infrastructure and solve the tasks, forms the functional requirements on the basis of which the Architect decides on the necessary technological stack, specific approaches to development, deployment, standards and project architecture, provides architectural supervision of the development, and Delivery manager is responsible for the final result to fit the time, budget and satisfy all the stated requirements.

It is no exaggeration to say that 80% of the success of the project depends on:

  1. Business Analysis
  2. System analysis
  3. Architectural analysis
  4. And, Deliver Management

Our specialists have all four competencies. Some of our key specialists have more than 18 years of IT background. And we are among the leaders in serious custom developments and implementations. Entrust your startup to our team and get guaranteed results!

Example of work on the design and development of corporate startups

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