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Business process, content and document management systems


Companies in the development stage strive to improve their efficiency and competitiveness in the market. Having analyzed the business processes of dozens of companies with a staff of 100 to 5,000 people, we have become convinced that, regardless of the size of the company and established business processes, most companies share weak automation of decision-making and approval chains.

Unlocking Efficiency with Innovative Document Solutions
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Streamlining Your Business with the best automation systems

The absence of disruptions in business processes is a task that companies successfully solve on their own, but accelerating decision-making and approval chains is a major problem.

In one large company, we managed to reduce the procurement approval process from 2-3 days to 1 hour, thanks to the approval in a chatbot we developed for managers. In another company, we provided the ability to deliver more than 3,000 orders per day with 0.5% delays in orders, compared to 30% before the implementation of the automation system, and similarly, reduced the average mileage per order from 7 to 4.5 km.

Similarly, document and content management systems have helped ensure a single standardized accounting, reduce the time required for the legal department to process a contract, and detect document leakage thanks to the use of stenography.

Proper implementation of such systems allows automating and optimizing key business processes, ensuring security and control over information, as well as reducing costs and simplifying data management. However, for successful implementation, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of your business requirements, choose suitable technologies and platforms, and provide user training and support. It is crucial to select an experienced contractor who will help you avoid mistakes and save time during the implementation stage.

Developing and implementing such systems is an essential part of our activities. Our experts, with over 11 years of experience in the field of business process management systems, will conduct a detailed analysis of your business and its needs and help you choose the optimal solution, whether it is developing an individual system or implementing a ready-made product. We provide a full range of services, starting from requirements analysis and ending with full support and technical assistance for the implemented system.

Tasks that a company can solve when implementing business process, content, and document management systems:

  1. Automation and standardization of business processes
  2. Providing a unified storage and access control to information
  3. Optimizing employee work and reducing their workload
  4. Accelerating management decision-making
  5. Flexibility and scalability of solutions for business growth and development

Our services include:

  1. Analysis of current business processes and identification of management system needs
  2. Development of individual business process, content, and document management systems
  3. Implementation of ready-made solutions with adaptation to your business specifics
  4. Training employees to work with new systems
  5. Technical support and maintenance of implemented systems

Choosing the right contractor for the development and implementation of business process, content, and document management systems will allow you to focus on your core business, confidently entrusting them with the solution of complex technical and organizational issues.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are happy to become your reliable partner on the path to digital transformation and successful development of your business.

Successful cases of implementation of business process management systems, content, and document management systems

    ІТ competition was held in Kazakhstan, where participants had to create an MVP, for tracking material after the release of goods from the warehouse, from scratch in 25 working days
    1100 hours




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