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Technical Support


Technical support is the process of providing assistance to users in solving problems that arise during the use of an application or system.

We offer comprehensive technical support services in which SLA, time of service, number of lines of technical support is chosen in each contract individually based on your needs.

Technical support is not just about fixing problems, it's about building relationships
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We prepare individual contract according to your needs

How does the tech-support work?

In contrast to the service, technical support assumes no regular maintenance works and provides services only within the frame of incoming requests for technical support. The essence of technical support is to respond to the request, to qualify it correctly and perform the necessary actions to resolve it.

So, after the receipt of the request - it gets on line 1 techsupport, whose task is to qualify the request. If the competence of the specialists is sufficient to resolve it - it is resolved.

To properly qualify the request, it is classified in accordance with the accepted in the company request classes.

    Our company has adopted the following classes:
  1. Class 1 requests - issues related to virtualization system, Server hardware and/or third-party services related to the Server, including Hosting and ISP services.
  2. Requests of the 2nd class - requests for server maintenance, unavailability of the server, excessive load on the server resources, requests to switch the system to a backup server, as well as other problems that are at the level of the CentOS Linux operating system and affect the ability to use the Server by the Customer fully. (processed only if there is a dedicated or VDS server with the required web environment, which we have exclusive full access to)
  3. Requests of the 3rd class - problems and errors on the site / portal / application, leading to disability of the entire application, as well as preventive maintenance in the application as part of the service: "Stability".
  4. Requests of the 4th class - problems and bugs in the application, which cause serious failures and impossibility of executing key business processes (sales, consultations, task management, application running too slowly).
  5. Class 5 queries - problems related to performance and incorrect operation of individual application components, an attack on the site / portal / application by intruders, problems related to viruses, etc.
  6. Requests of the 6th class - Questions about the application or system, consulting of a business analyst, systems analyst, a project manager to finalize the application, the creation of user and technical documentation.

The urgency of the request and the time required to resolve it depend on its class. These parameters are set individually in the contract for technical support in the SLA section.

If the competence of the specialists of the 1st line of support is not enough - it goes to the next line of support and is sent to a specialist of a narrower profile.

Most often, 3 lines of support is enough, in some contracts, a fourth line is used to escalate problems outside the organization.

    In accordance with individual features and customer requests, we include the desired number of lines in our service.
  1. Line 1: Classifies and answers simple questions, collects information from the customer, identifies and locates the problem, and writes information to the Service Desk.
  2. Line 2: In-depth technical support, engages more experienced and knowledgeable technicians, uses sophisticated technical and analytical problem-solving techniques, is responsible for assisting first-line support specialists and summarizes experience with more complex problems. Escalates problems to Line 3 when necessary.
  3. Line 3: Responsible for solving the most complex problems, assists previous levels of support, researches and develops solutions to new and emerging problems, and contacts vendors or primary developers for in-depth analysis and solution development.
  4. Line 4: Escalates problems outside the organization to resolve hardware or software problems. Tracks incidents and their fate. Presented by the company's most experienced professionals.
  5. At SKALAR We will analyze your system and request and prepare a customized technical support contract.

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